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Fairing brings speed & scale to survey data. Ground truth for attribution, personalization, CRO and more, with 50%+ response rates. 14-day free trial.

About Fairing

Fairing uses post-purchase surveys to deliver proprietary, direct-from-consumer data to your marketing stack, integrating and automating consumer response data to produce an always-on stream of insights. It's ground truth, constantly nudging every connected tool in your organization toward customer lifetime value.

We generate more consumer responses in a week than most traditional survey platforms do in a year. Relied on by over 1,000 Shopify Plus brands, and named "the last Shopify app we'd uninstall" by a Top 10 VC's portfolio of DTC brands.

Our question analytics dashboard is our source of truth for all of our marketing endeavors. We'd be lost without it.
Lindsey Johnson, Co-Founder at Weezie

Fairing and Peel

Fairing allows you ask questions to your customers to build your data stream of marketing insights and now with the Peel integration, Peel supercharges that data by analyzing it across 100+ revenue analysis metrics.

Analysis like Lifetime Value, Repurchase Rate, AOV, Retention/Returning Rate metrics, Sales and Order reports can all be broken down by the responses to the questions you ask your customers.


  • Attribution
  • Personalization
  • CRO

Use cases

  • Attribution

    Light up dark traffic, get unbiased attribution, and discover emerging channels with a post-purchase survey that typically generates >20% improvement in attribution.

  • Personalization

    Tell your marketing stack what it needs to hear, with customers happily self-segmenting for any personalization criteria you can dream up.

  • CRO

    Seal the cracks in your user experience, and ensure shoppers have found what they’re looking for before they abandon your brand. Think of it as everyone's personal shopping assistant.

  • Competitor Research

    Find out which brand you're winning the most business from, and pivot it against AOV, attribution, lifestyle, use case, and more to strengthen your approach to market.